Crowdsourcing tattoo project where I tattooed myself with the 7 most voted drawings chosen by the Internet people.

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    2014 — Present

Would you tattoo a random drawing made by a complete stranger? I did. Seven of them. Don't judge me yet. Let me present my case.

InkStarter was/is a project which I tattooed myself with random drawings chosen by random people. Without knowing anything about drawing and even less about tattooing or even held a machine.

I'm a big fan of the art. My first self-tattoo was a simple and painful tic tac toe.

I was looking forward to the results and the future of the project. I said at the time in an interview for BuzzFeed that everything started as an anthropological curiosity. How far can a human being go with this kind of power on his hands? That is what scares me and motivates me at the same time.


This was the project website. The period to submit and vote on the drawings was 30 days. Here are some numbers and the seven most voted drawings below:

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You might be wondering: holy ****! Look at those drawings. It can't be worse than that. How could you do this? Well, if you really think these are the worst, take a look at some I found lost in my backups. Warning: some of them are very explicit:

Don't click! 🤷🏼‍♂️🔞

I started the sessions right after the voting. I did one every week for seven weeks. Here is some cute footage from the movies you will see in a bit.

Yes, this is the moment. The moment of truth. I did live sessions of each tattoo, broadcasting via YouTube. Each session has its own short-film. Make some popcorn, turn on your speaker, seat back, relax, and enjoy!

Definitely this is the end for me on InkStarter. It was quite a ride, but all I can say for this moment is: there's still more to come...

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There's a lot more going on and which path InkStarter will take. Same world, different scenarios. Are you curious? Want to be part of? Get in touch.