Cacete Company

Brazilian-based humanwear label that sells both casual and unique design.

  • Client
    Cacete Company
  • Role
    Design /Development
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  • Year
    2015 — Present

Cacete Company products shows authentic and contemporary designs, produced locally under strict quality control and working ethics. The brand's goal is to remain as an alternative to the department stores’ natural turmoil. A free-spirited young brand that aims to explore streetwear aesthetics in a simple and fresh way.

The digital presence needed to reflect that vision. Grunged style elements, a lot of noise and deconstructed patterns and yet an haute couture vibe on the website.

Cacete Company - Homepage and Footer

In every collection released, the website is updated following the look and feel of the current Lookbook. The images are from the Arquivo#04 collection.

Cacete Company - Cart

Cacete Company is currently at the Arquivo#05, so if you visit the project you will see a different vibe, keeping the identity. Take a look!

Cacete Company - Store
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It's really exciting to work on projects you have complete freedom to do whatever you want. And this is one of them. Thanks, guys! :)